Compositions – Complete List

SATB Chorus (2:30)

SSA Chorus, String Quartet (optional), Piano (6:00)

Amplified piano and percussion (8:15)

Soprano or Mezzo and Piano (4:10)

Electronic playback, with optional video by Kim Yantis (3:04)

SATB Chorus (2:00)

Soprano or Mezzo, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano (13:10)

Soprano or mezzo and piano (13:10)

SATB Chorus + brief soprano solo (4:00)

SSA Chorus (1:12)

Soprano and organ (6:00)

Concerto for Viola and Orchestra

Three-part chorus, flute, cello, piano

Oboe (8:00 +, variable)

Orchestra: 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,1, 3 perc, strings (18:35)

Piano (1:14)

Voice (1:00)

SSA (4 movements, 2 available) Purchase from Colla Voce Music

SSA (4 movements, 2 available) Purchase from Colla Voce Music

Wind Ensemble, electronics & stereo playback system; optional video and optional interactive electronics using MYO controller. Also available with either DVD or stereo playback device. (10:00)

SATB Chorus (4:25)

Orchestra (wind quintet, brass quintet, 2 percussion, strings (min. 6,5,4,3,2) and electronics. (15:35)

Piano/Mezzo-soprano (one or two players, 20:00)

Piano (21:00)

Amplified clarinet and multichannel or stereo electronics (7:52)

Electronic music for 1:11 film

Electronic playback (4 movements, 19:00)

Flute, Bb clarinet, tenor sax, violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion (9:45)

Chorus, Appalachian Ensemble, Synthesizer, Electronics (80:00, can be excerpted)

Symphonic Band (3:30)

Solo Flute (3:00)

Viola and piano (6:10)

Flute and guitar (13:45)

String Quartet and electronic playback (19:45)

Solo Voice (1:40)

2 Trpt, 2 trmb, tuba or 2 trpt, 2 trmb, horn (9:45)

Piano (16:40)

Solo Flute (8:00)

Violin and piano or Violin, viola, cello, contrabass and piano (19:00)

Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Piano (orchestrated version, with fl, bssn, vln, vcl, hpschd) (55:00)

Amplified cello and electronic playback (14:00)

Amplified Cello and Stereo Electronics (7:02)

Amplified soprano sax and stereo electronics (7:02)

Amplified Trumpet and stereo electronics (7:02)

Flute and piano (9:00)

Flute and cello (6:00); Purchase from Arsis Press

Electronic playback (1:00)

Solo viola, string orchestra, piano (18:00)

Solo viola, string quartet, piano *(18:00)

Amp. piano trio & stereo electronics (10:15)

Any of the following, either individually or in combination, amplified: bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, mezzo, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, viola, cello, marimba, multi-percussion, piano + electronics and optional video) (5:11)

SATB chorus and piano (3:10)

Instrumentation : 2 Trumpets (Bb) and 2 snare drums (2:00)

Electronic playback (11:10)

Cello, piano, percussion (Theater Piece) (55:00)

Electronic playback (3:08)

SSA + electronic playback (3:00)

Violin and piano (18:00)

String Orchestra + Electronics fashioned from field recordings of glaciers (12:00)

Piano Trio (15:00)

Narrator, 2 Fl (dbl picc), 2 ob (dbl Eng Hn), 2 cl, 2 bssn, 2 hrn, 2 trpts, 2 trmb, tba, tymp, 2 perc, strings (25:00)

Amplified flute, computer interface to run Max-MSP (version 5 or higher), foot pedal and stereo playback (16:00)

Percussion Quintet (battery percussion) (6:30)

Soprano, flute and piano (1:00)

Trumpet, bassoon, piano (15:00)

Oboe and English Horn (3:45)

Oboe and viola (3:45)

Viola (6:30)

Vocal quartet and piano 4-hands (19:00)

Clarinet (9:00)

Instrumentation: Brass Quintet Fanfare

Instrumentation: Three-part chorus with optional piano accompaniment. Purchase from Colla Voce

Wind quintet and piano (18:00)

Instrumentation: SATB Chorus

Instrumentation: Cello

Amplified clarinet & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)

Amplified cello & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)

Amplified flute & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)

Soprano sax & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)

Amplified viola & electronics from weaving sounds (9:07)

Amplified violin & electronics from weaving sounds

Orchestra: 3 fl (3rd dbl picc), 3 oboes (3rd dbl eng hn), 3 cl, 3 bssn, 4 hns, 3 trpt, 2 trmb, tba, 3 perc, timpani, hrp, strings (8:30)

Piano and electronics (12:00)

Instrumentation: Violin, viola, clarinet, bass clarinet

Amplified String Quartet and electronic playback (14:55)

Instrumentation: Computer music video/film (HD or DVD available for presentation)

Instrumentation: Trombone

Chamber Orchestra: 1111/111/str (23:00)

Flute and Piano (23:00)

Piano Quartet (8:25)

Piano (3:05)

Amplified clarinet, with pvc tube extensions, mics, and effects procesor (such as digitech tsr-24); Max-MSP version in process (13:45)

Flute, clarinet, violin, cello (14:00)

Female vocal quartet (or chorus) + harp (18:00)

Female vocal quartet or women’s chorus + harp (15:00)

Instrumentation: SSA Chorus

Instrumentation: Percussionist (2 Singing Bowls of different sizes, 5 temple blocks, med. sus. cymbal, 2 timbales, snare, 2 bongos, fingercymbal) and CADI (Configurable Automated Drumming Machine), (finger cymbal, high and low woodblock, high and low cowbell, tambourine)

Flute (5:00)

Mezzo, Baritone, Orchestra (2,2, 2,2,2,2,2,1,2, strings) electronics (CD) made from indigenous wild animal calls (14:00)

Instrumentation: Soprano and viola, also available for soprano and clarinet

Instrumentation: SATB Chorus + piano (also check out version for SATB + chamber orchestra)

Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Viola Cello

Instrumentation Amp. fl, cl, vln, vcl, pno, interactive electronics (Max-MSP5 or higher)

Amp. tenor sax and electronics (6:50)

String Orchestra (15:00)

Arsis Press

Instrumentation: Cello

Soprano and Piano (1:30)

5.1 Surround Sound Electronics (7:14)

Quad Electronics (7:14)

Instrumentation: Stereo electronics Duration: 7:14 Premiere: 5/20/13 Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL Program Note: Tape Music is a meditation on tape as a collection of materials that are emblematic of our throwaway culture and yet can be used to mend items that would otherwise be thrown away themselves. It is also a nostalgic tribute to the genre of tape ...

Instrumentation: Small cardboard box, blunt pencil or similar object, packing tape on a dispenser with teeth, and stereo electronics Duration: 5:00 Premiere: 11/2/13 Third Practice Festival, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA Program Note:  Tape Music∞ (2013) is a participatory performance piece for any number of participants plus stereo electronics created from recordings I made of myself ripping, cutting and otherwise playing with tape ...

Shofar (Yemenite style, Eb pitch), 3 hrns, 2 trpts, 2 trmbs, timpani (9:00)

SATB Chorus (4:45)

Men’s Chorus: TTBB

Instrumentation: String Quartet

Instrumentation: SSA + piano

Instrumentation: Solo piano, 2 fl (2nd dbl picc), 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bssn, 2 tpts in C, 2 Hn, 2 trmb, 1 tba, 3 perc, strings

Instrumentation: SSA Chorus and Electronics. Purchase directly from Colla Voce Music

Soprano (or mezzo), flute, viola and harp (18:00)

Instrumentation: Mezzo or soprano and electronic playback

Oboe and 2 percussion (2 bongos, 3 rototoms, tambourine, 2 timables, large and small brake drum, medium tamtam and bow)(2 bongos, claves, flexatone and bow, 1 maraca, slapstick, 5 temple blocks 2 tomtoms, vibraslap) (9:30)

Instrumentation: Piano

Instrumentation: SSA Chorus and Piano. Purchase from Hal Leonard.

Instrumentation: Violin and Piano

  Instrumentation: Perc 1 (2 toms (lo/hi), snare drum, 2 timbales (lo/hi), large gong, ride cymbal (18″) and bow, triangle), Perc 2 (bass drum, 2 congas (lo, med), 2 bongos (lo/hi), ride cymbal (20″) and bow, 4 claves (lo to hi)) Duration: 11:00 Commission: Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion Premiere: 12/09/14 Ensemble Berlin PianoPercussion Konzerthaus, Project USA – Teil II, Berlin, Germany Program Note: The title, Trace Elements, refers both ...

Instrumentation Interactive Electronics, Wireless Camera

Instrumentation: Bass (or Bass-baritone), clarinet, cello, piano

Instrumentation: Piano Trio

Instrumentation: Electronic playback

SATB; See Distributor Website for E.C. Schirmer

Instrumentation: Chorus, brass quintet and timpani

Instrumentation: Soprano and english horn (or alto flute, or clarinet, or viola)

Flute (dbl picc), clarinet, violin, cello, piano (8:20)

Flute and cello (3:30)

SATB Chorus + Piano (4:45)

Piano (8:30)

Wind Quintet (12:00)