Time To Burn

Instrumentation:  Oboe and 2 percussion (2 bongos, 3 rototoms, tambourine, 2 timables, large and small brake drum, medium tamtam and bow)(2 bongos, claves, flexatone and bow, 1 maraca, slapstick, 5 temple blocks 2 tomtoms, vibraslap)

Duration:  9:30

Percussionists I-Jen Fang and Mike Schutz

11/7/06,Percussionists I-Jen Fang and Mike Schutz, oboist Scott Perry
PASIC (Percussive Arts Society)
Austin, Texas

The title track “Time to Burn” is an engaging work for oboe and two percussionists. Extended techniques make the oboe sound almost like an electronic instrument in places. The interplay between the three instruments, and the imaginative way in which they’re used gives the music a sense of energy and even urgency. –WTJU Classical Comments (Ralph Graves)

Program Note
Time to Burn, for oboe and two percussionists, was fueled by my rage and sadness at the burning that has erupted around us. One is hardpressed to keep track of it all. The past decadehas been an era of renewed holocausts driven by ethnic and religious hatred. The rampant intolerance in our world is reminiscent of the “burning time” of the Inquisition or the burning of witches. Time to Burn was commissioned by percussionists I-Jen Fang and Mike Schutz, and recorded with oboist Aron Hill for the Time to Burn CD (Innova, 2014). It was premiered at the PASIC conference in 2006 with oboist Scott Perry.

Time To Burn
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